We’ve moved

please find our new website at  www.opb-yc.com


Ahoy there, sailor…

Welcome to the Other People’s Boats Yacht Club.

We are a community of sailors, mostly racers, who rely on the kindness of other skippers to get our Ya Yas. The beauty of OPB-YC is that there are no dues, no minimum food tabs, no dress code, no reciprocal rights or any of that. Essentially, it’s BYOB.

The OPB-YC will provide some free services for sailors, in particular, people who want to sail and race more and don’t have their own boat.  And support for skippers, because we always hear how hard it is to get and keep crew.  

We are also currently working on our OPB-YC.com retail site which will offer really good deals on a decent sailing gear. Not fancy, classy stuff. But gear that you always lose and shred, and would really like to see if you could buy it cheaper.  We’re starting with sailing gloves. ‘Cuz they’re like socks. You’re always losing one.  Stay posted on this.

We’ve thought of a lot of seriously genius, beer-inspired ideas for sailor’s ‘social media’, but we need to prioritize. Here is the post-beercan brainstorm list. Cast your vote for what you would likely use the most!